Venessa grew up in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island in BC and was riding XC through the riverside trails near her house with her Black Lab, Shadow, for as long as she could remember. 

Ten years ago, after a failed attempt at riding the XC Moonraker Trails near Golden, B.C. -- getting horribly bug-bitten and lost, but loving the downhill sections of the trails -- she decided to try DH biking the next day at Kicking Horse (in hindsight, foolishly, she recalls, with no gear and a little bucket helmet) and has been hooked ever since!

That first summer, alone, Venessa rode the heck out of what she called “her poor little bucking bronco Cannondale XC hardtail” doing DH at Kicking Horse, Fernie, Silverstar, Sun Peaks, and Whistler before finally admitting that she was obsessed with the sport and needed to upgrade to a proper full-suspension DH bike.

Since then, Venessa has come a long way in skill, fearlessness, and fitness level, going on to ride every lift access mountain bike park in Western Canada.  She is looking forward to stepping outside of her comfort zone and starting to race DH.

Racing Category: DH – Master Women

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Other Activities/Interests: Anything that involves travel or the outdoors-- snowboarding, backcountry hiking, camping, and snowshoeing.  She enjoys collecting pottery mugs from her travels all over the world, getting tattoos (often during many of her travels), doing DIY projects, and enjoying a ridiculous love of plaid.

Favourite Mountain(s): Silverstar & Whistler

Recent Non-Biking Achievements: Lost 70lbs (and 6 jean sizes) through diet and exercise during 9 months in 2016 and went on to discover a love for the gym and incorporating physical activity into her regular everyday lifestyle.

Work Life:  Has a career in Pensions with the Provincial Government.