Nikki has been riding bikes, hitting ramps and scraping knees since she was half her height. As a really young girl she tried skateboarding but when she could only master one trick and couldn't keep the board underneath her, she started building dirt jumps and pedal powered adrenaline rushes have been her primary fix ever since. 
Into her 20's, Nikki's primary sport was freestyle bmxing until university and a series of injuries got in the way. In the last few years she has refocused her love for two wheels into mountain biking, which coincidentally has her injured less often. Her style is aggressive and fast, favouring technical and built trail features and borrowing from her bmx background. As an environmentalist, she considers getting to the mountains to ride her bike through the great outdoors as one of life's greatest things, and is an advocate for the sport acting as a steward for protecting Canada's wilderness. 
As a new member of Prairie Girls, she's unbelievably stoked to be part of the team. 
Competition Resume: Shake the Lake Freestyle BMX 2008, 2009 - something like participation recognition because they didn't have a girls category and the winners could do flairs and yeah right that wasn't going to happen so yeah ... I might of given myself a medal.
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Other Activities/ Interests: Philosophical smack talk, playing musical instruments poorly, painting, long distance hiking, juggling/balancing random things on her face for way too long, "cow whispering".
Favorite Mountain/Trail: Valemount's recently built "Moby Dick", Moose Mountain's "Race of Spades". 
Work Life: Environmental Policy Analyst / Desk Jockey Vigilante