Melissa Sheremeta

XC Racer


Melissa had been mountain biking once or twice over the years but wasn’t until she met her now fiancé Ryan in 2012 that it grew into a serious passion. The two of them rode countless hours in the Edmonton river valley, with numerous trips to the mountains exploring the great Rocky Mountains and all their splendor has to offer. \

In early 2016, while riding with a big group of friends in the river valley. Melissa (trying to beat the boys in the group) followed her fiancé down the side slope trail, no brakes and full speed ahead. Unfortunately, a combination of a blind corner and trail erosion tossed Melissa over her bars and into the bushes. One Broken thumb, the other sprained along with a concussion and a smashed-up knee Melissa’s season was done.

Thanks to a new liv bike and a run in with Kelly (matching socks and all) out at the Hinton bike park, Melissa was inspired to take her biking to the next level and join PGR.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Cross-Country Skiing, Hiking, Camping and Rock Climbing

Favourite Mountain/Trail: Silverstar, Lake Minnewanka, Valemount Bike Park

Work Life: Dental Hygienist