Kelly has been riding her bike since the dawn of time.  She started off cruising the river valley in Edmonton solo at 14, before the times of cell phones and well made bikes, getting in to all sorts of mischief. She then took a few years off to peruse other activities such as snowboarding, softball, and whitewater kayaking. To no surprise biking is where her passion lay and was back at it shortly after the birth of her first child.

Like all new mothers she thought what better way to get in touch with herself and sanity but by hurtling herself down some single track as fast as she could. Thus began her biking career. Starting with a few different ride groups first, eventually stumbled upon PGR, a stellar group of girls with the same interests and passions. Many practice rides later got in to her first race, Race the Ridge finishing third.

2017 will be her second year with the girls of PGR and is greatly looking forward to all the fun and races with the girls. There will be many more years to come!

Kelly izombard

XC Racer