Jill is new to PGR and has only been biking for a year! She started while she was living in Jasper because everyone told it her was a hobby she must pick up. With the help of a friend, she bought her first bike and has been hooked ever since. Biking literally brings an instant smile to her face and she is constantly giggling when she’s flying down the trail. Jills thing is DH. She loves going fast and hitting features. Although she’s new she’s fearless and willing to try anything. Her goal this season is to get more comfortable with technical trails, enter in a few races and bike with some awesome ladies. Oh and to work out her legs and lungs so they can slay the uphills.. not her strong suit.

Hometown- Lacombe, AB

Other Activities/Interests- Snowboarding/splitboarding, rock climbing, hiking, travelling, kettlebells, food… especially mini eggs.

Work Life- Primary Care Paramedic

jill weenick

DH and Enduro Racer