Jenna grew up in a small town near Fernie, BC where she spent her time flying downhill on bikes, skis, rollerblades, GTs, and snowboards. In the 1990s she didn't have anything resembling a modern-day mountain bike -  just a basic solid frame model with bar ends. She would often race her friends through trails in the woods, getting air off of roots and jumps both on purpose and by accident. In 2011, while watching her family and friends race in the TransRockies series, she became inspired by the race culture and crowd vibe enough to go out and buy a fancy full-suspension mountain bike. She credits her Fernie family with not only helping her to develop initial mtb skills, but also with saving her from her clipless pedals. Jenna joined Prairie Girls Racing during the team’s first season in 2014. Through PGR Jenna was able to further hone her skills while meeting other amazing, fearless girl riders. That summer she learned to XC race, downhill bike (Whistler!), and the importance of knowing her limits (specifically in regards to becoming airborne). She has bonked, fallen off trails, flown over handlebars, bought many bikes...all while remaining 110% obsessed with the sport. In 2015 she tried Enduro mtb racing and was hooked. Enduro encompasses all that Jenna loves about biking: friends, challenging climbs, snack breaks, steep/thrilling descents, and post-race beer. As she heads into her 5th season with PGR, she can’t wait to set new goals and find terrifying ways to challenge herself.

Hometown: Elkford BC. Currently living in Sherwood Park, AB

Other Activities/Interests: fitness, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, fishing, baseball, golfing, travelling, wine...and cats!

Favorite Mountain/Trail: Edmonton (Caddy Track, Gold Digger), every trail in Fernie (Project 9, Verboten, HyperVent, Swine Flu, Sidewinder). Crowsnest Pass (School of Rock), Moose Mountain (T-Dub), Penticton 3 Blind Mice, Vancouver Island Hammerfest…obviously I can’t pick just one!

Work Life: Registered Nurse

Race Resume
2017 Crowsnest Pass Enduro - 5th
2016 Crowsnest Pass Enduro
2016 Canmore Enduro
2015 Moose Mountain Enduro (KR Enduro Series)
2015 Canmore Enduro (KR Enduro Series)
2015 Nipika Kootenay Krusher - 3rd
2014 Edmonton Royal River Valley Rumble (Novice Women) - 3rd
2014 Nipika Kootenay Krusher (Novice Women 25 km) - 1st
2014 Canmore Organ Grinder (Novice Women)
2014 Devon River Raid XC (Novice Women) - 2nd

Upcoming Races
2018 Hot on her Heels Enduro (Squamish)
2018 Crowsnest Pass Enduro
2018 Canmore Enduro
2018 Mooseduro??  

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Endro and XC Racer