Jen GRundke

XC and DH Racer

Jen was a regular on the ski hill, always tearing up the slopes with the boys.  When spring would strike, the snow would melt away and she would have to wait patiently for the precious flakes to re-appear on the mountain.  Her need for speed and adventure led her on a roller coaster of outdoor hobbies but nothing seemed to really stick.  On one beautiful summer day in the mountains, her usual shred crew decided they should rent some bikes and give downhill a try. 
After learning the basics Jen was hooked.  She continued to chase the boys down hill, only this time, she was on a bike.  Jen finally decided that more estrogen in her “bike life” might be a good thing so she decided in the winter of 2016 that she would join the lovely ladies on the Prairie Girls Racing Team with hopes to compete in both cross country and downhill in the season to come.

Racing Category:  Masters

Hometown:  Edmonton, AB

Other Activities / Interests: Snowboarding, hiking, scrambling, scuba diving, rock climbing, backpacking, running, traveling

Favorite Mountain / Trail:  Panorama & Whistler Bike Parks

School / Work Life:  Owner, Most Epic Adventures / Campus Life Director at NAIT Students Association

Race Resume:

2016 24 Hours of Adrenaline

2017 Mooseduro 4th

How do I pay for my bikes:  I go to work… and save my money.  I also spend A LOT of time with the fellas at a local bike shop who let me know when things are going to go on sale to scoop up a good deal.