Alison didn’t choose the bike life, the bike life chose her. At about the time she started walking she was shredding on her training wheels. Soon after she was building makeshift ramps, hitting jumps and attempting tricks. Not much has changed since then, other than 100-something pounds, an extra few feet and a couple bike related tattoos. Just a really big kid who loves to ride. If she’s not on the trails or at the skate park, you’ll find her at your local bike shop.

Race Category: DH, Enduro- Sr. Women

Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON

Other Activities/ Interests: Riding park, riding street, riding downhill, riding not uphill, riding with my dog, taking pictures of my dog, trying to be as photogenic as my dog…

 Mountain/ Trail: Half Nelson in Squamish

 Work life: Filmmaker at Radical Productions, Communications Coordinator
​l Productions, Youth Support Worker & Bicycle Mechanic


Team Videographer and DH, Enduro and BMX Racer